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Andrea & Andrew

Home-Study Approved

🍀Nature. 🤗Nurture. ❤️Love.


That is our promise to your child. 


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for considering adoption for your child.


for considering our family as a part of your adoption journey.


for letting us share our love with you and your child as you make this decision.


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Our Story

Andrew and Andrea are madly in love. They met in downtown Salt Lake in 2012 and were married on a golf course in 2015. They love the life they’ve built for each other in Utah, and they are ready to share that life and love with a new baby. Together they enjoy board games, hiking, lake days, and sushi from Tsunami. After the kids have gone to bed you can often find them curled up together on the couch reading or watching reruns of the Office. They feel as though their lives are full of love and they want to share that love and all they have with your precious child. After losing four babies to miscarriage, they are not ready to give up on their dream of having a big, happy family, and they deeply and sincerely appreciate your consideration of them as you make your decision. 

Why OUR family for YOURS


The foundation of our family is love. Andrew and Andrea love each other, love their role as mom and dad, and are ready to love your baby as their own.


As experienced parents, we are ready to bring your baby home into a loving, safe, and welcoming environment


Andrew works, and Andrea is recently “retired” from her ten year teaching career and is excited to be a stay-at-home mom.


Big brother Theo and future big sister Genevieve are eager to meet their new brother or sister and share their home (and their toys). 



Andrew, the second oldest of seven, grew up in a large, loving family in Utah and has always wanted the same for himself and his wife, Andrea. He is a hands-on, playful dad who spends his free time wrestling the kids in the living room or chasing them around the house playing Nerf. He likes spicy food, skiing, hosting friends for meals, and identifying birds of prey, especially those in his own backyard. When Andrea said, “I think we should adopt,” his instant answer was, “Yes. What can I do?” He is loving, attentive, and ready to continue building his family.

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Andrea grew up in a loving family in Michigan, and moved to Utah on her own in 2012 where she met her husband, Andrew, during her first weekend in Salt Lake.  As a former teacher, Andrea loves teaching and inspiring  kids and sharing her passions for reading, writing, and nature. In 2022, Andrea decided to give up her teaching job to focus on loving and inspiring her own kids and hopefully sharing her love with a new son or daughter. Her free time is spent at splash pads, the aquarium, or anywhere else where her kids can learn and grow and hopefully get a little fresh air and sunshine. She is ready for the ride of adoption and thanks you for considering her and her family for your child.

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Theo is a fun-loving and seasoned big brother with love in his heart for his future baby sister or brother. He loves karate and transformers and longs to teach his new baby about dinosaurs and  how to build Legos. Theo  just graduated from kindergarten and is excited to learn even more in first grade in the fall. 


Genevieve is a sweet, spunky four-year-old who has wanted to be a big sister since she held her first babydoll. She told her mom she 

wanted to be a big sister because “her heart told her so.” She loves learning, playing house, swimming, and her Barbie Dream House. She wants to teach her future little brother or sister how to dance and dress for success. She asks every day, “Is the baby coming today?” One day, I hope to be able to tell her yes. 

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Couple 3.jpg


We love

nature, camping, hiking, parks, and anywhere else we can be together and get some sunshine.

 We are

open to whatever openness you desire in this adoption process.

We promise

to provide a loving, supportive, and patient home where your little one will thrive.

We are

ready to love you and your baby throughout the process of adoption 

THANK YOU for considering ADOPTION


If you need a loving home for your baby, please reach out to:

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