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Adoption Preferences

A baby 👶 Love goes beyond race, beyond ethnicity, beyond capability, intelligence, and physicality. We are looking to bring a baby into our home to be loved by a stay-at-home mom, a compassionate dad, and two eager siblings. There are no other specifications necessary.

We will provide a stable home where the baby’s needs will always be taken care of and the child’s talents and skills will be explored and nurtured. With our son we’ve learned more about dinosaurs than we ever thought we’d know and with my daughter, I know the name of Barbie and all of her sisters.

A baby in our house will be embraced as a member of the family, adored by grandmas and nanas, grandpas and papas, aunts, uncles and cousins, and taken on adventures across the US and in our own backyard.

We love babies and watching them grow into the toddlers, kids, and, eventually, the teens and adults that they will become. We promise our baby safety, security, and a space to grow into who he or she is meant to be.

Thank you for considering adoption and our family for yours. You will be in our prayers as you make this important decision.

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